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Updates and State of the Baseops Nation

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Just wanted to shoot out a quick update to keep you all informed as to the latest warp-speed changes going on here at the Baseops Network.

  • If you are a frequenter of these forums, you probably noticed we upgraded/changed our forums software. We now are running the latest (and greatest?) version of Invision Power Board. There were a few growing pains / glitches in the transition. Unfotunately, it was bad timing when I chose the same few days to upgrade the forums as well as stand up the new website (next bullet below). The forums seem to be up and running properly - albeit with a few differenences (such as external links not opening a new window, etc.) MTF.
  • I've been working on transitioning the Aviation Jobs listings from the baseops.net site to a new site (with more features) since late April 2009. We finally flung opne the doors to the new site last week: www.guardreservejobs.com -- we moved all of the existing baseops.net jobs to this site which is running a completely brand new "engine". This site, with its robust database back-end, offers similar features that job portals like Monster.com offer such as a searchable database; filters to find the exact job you are looking for; employers post their job vacancies direct (and have full-control over their listings); job seekers can create free accounts, save their searches, and even upload resumes. Check it out!
  • Unfortunately when we upgraded the Forums to the latest software, it became instantaneously incompatible with the Baseops Wiki section thus for a few days actually forcing the Baseops Wiki (TDY Gouge) off-line. Well, I was able to resurrect the Wiki and you can now access it again, although it is read-only (you cannot edit it) at this time. Pending a patch from the folks at IPBWiki... MTF.
  • We finally resolved a forums bandwidth issue around noon today (eastern time) -- looks like the forums have become so popular that we have succeeded in busting through the 100GB (per month) cap! I have upped the bandwidth cap and look forward to doubling or tripling that bandwidth soon with the support of our loyal users.
  • I'd like to see more photos posted in the online gallery - looks like you crew dogs are slacking out there. I also hope to see more links to UPT videos and other morale boosters and sources of pure comedy.
  • Keep the gouge and updates coming - I will post anything you submit along with your name/unit/class patch as a "thank you".



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