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New Baseops Home Page (sort of)

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I just finished a complete re-write of the Baseops.Net home page. To the casual observer, it may look nearly identical to the old home page. Upon further review it is a bit less cluttered, and a little better organized (based on the sheer volume of content presented). What I did was write the page from the ground up -- this time completely in notepad just for the heck of it -- and I used .CSS for my formatting. This did several things: a.) reduced the page size by at least 67%, b.) followed the standard convention in the use of CSS to separate mark up from content, and c.) let me bring me modernize my coding a bit (thru the use of CSS) - especially in light of the various heckling that my primitive code received...

Bottom Line: the page should load up quicker, and (hopefully) is better organized. All future new flight planning links will initially appear in red (for a limited time) bringing the users' attention to the change(s).

Some other changes coming down the pipe:

-A complete revamp of the aviaiton jobs section - I solicited feedback on my project proposal to the units posting job announcements and received overwhelming support. The new interface will be completely interactive (like the monster.com interface) in a searchable database.

-The message forum software has a new version currently in beta form, but to be released with plenty of new features... MTF...

As always, comments, suggestions, gouge submissions, recommendations are always welcome!



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