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Well, the man has decided that it would be best if I not continue in pilot training. My new assignment, however, will be airfield operations which, from what i've read, doesn't sound too bad.

It sucks that I won't be able to be a military pilot anymore, but I did try my hardest and gave it my best shot, and it just wasn't in the cards for me. I thank everyone who has been reading this and supporting me along the way. I'll still be around on Baseops about as much as I normally am, but probably won't continue this blog anymore...unless yall are interested in the Airfield Ops field. Actually, now that I mention it, I just might blog about that! That school is supposed to be 2 years long, training with the Guard. Sounds pretty cool since I can't be a pilot. I'm keeping a positive attitude about everything and am certain that everything will work out for the best.

Oh, big congratulations goes out to Riddller on graduation from UPT! Doesn't seem all that long ago that he started his blog at IFS and now he's done. Congratulations!

Feel free to leave messages on here or PM me if you want. Take care!

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I am glad that you now know what direction you are headed too. I could feel the stress you were under in your last blogs leading up to the free agent status and your post above sounds a lot better. Your new assignment sounds great and you will still be around the jets. I think this new direction will be a lot more "family friendly" and could lead you anywhere in the world...pretty cool. I for one would like to see more blogs and to read about all the new experiences you will undertake. Best of luck in you endeavors to you and your family.

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Thanks for all your support while I went through this whole ordeal called UPT. It's an awesome feeling to have support behind you and people rooting for you, especially when you don't even know them!

You're dead on about the family friendly aspect and still being around planes...not to mention much less stressful (I assume). From what little i've read about Airfield Ops, it sounds pretty neat.

Thanks again for your support and i'll keep ya updated on the new career path!

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Some of the worst times in life are when you just don't have an answer - so I'm happy you at least now have some sense of direction for what's to come instead of being in limbo. Good luck to you on your new position. +1 on the family friendly thing. Can you explain exactly what your new assignment is? thanks!

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Sure, it's Airfield Ops...I don't know a whole lot about it, but it seems like i'll basically be in charge of the airfield and all that entails: ATC, maintenance of the field (lights, etc), services to transient A/C, baseops, etc. This is what i've gleaned from the reading i've done so far; I could be way off. Hopefully i'm somewhat close to what it actually is.

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