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Last minute flight, anyone?

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So, there I was, sitting around the table, studying when one of our guys calls the flight room and says that he's sick in quarters (or whatever the AF calls it). Well, our scheduler and flight commander are scrambling around trying to fill the slot (see where this is going?) and they come up with me. Fantastic! Fortunately I had about 30 minutes to get my data card ready so that was sweet.

I get to the brief and I had forgotten to put winds, fuels, and weather on the card. That didn't go over so well; but that was pretty indicative of the whole flight. Not to mention my IP was cussing at me and generally pissed the whole flight. I only got a couple maneuvers accomplished in the area, then came back to do some pattern work. It was a no grade overall (an 86 ride), but I think he wanted to hook me! Oh well...lesson learned: getting in the books more: got it.

I also had an instruments review today. Since i'm so far behind the rest of the class in academics, i'm doing these reviews on my own. Everyone else is taking the test on friday, I think, but i'll be taking it sometime next week. I'm really going to have to study hard for this one...it's pretty confusing right now. Fortunately, the guys/gal in my flight are smart and more than willing to help out.

Enough writing, gonna go to bed soon.

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The "books" aren't helping. I know the feeling... I cant sit in one place for 3 hours and "study" either. I'm nervous and I'm not even in UPT.... yet. Flash cards, writing it down, recording your voice (while reading the material) and playing it back while you read it again; have you done any of these? I am making an audio cd of the boldface/ops limits for the DA20 and then the t-6. I will starting listing to it on my drives in the car going to and from training.

Let me know if any of these have worked for you? Still praying....

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Yeah, I had done some of that...limited success. The best thing i've found is just to get the material over and over and over again, via reading, being quizzed by the bros, etc. Thanks for the encouragement.

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