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Still Hangin On

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Ok, sorry i've been absent for the last few days...my head's been elsewhere. Had my 88 ground eval on thursday: didn't pass. Had 89 ground eval yesterday: passed. I have been having my doubts about this lately, but thanks to some dedicated family and friends and at least one reader on here, i'm back in the game. I get in a funk sometimes (like everyone else in pilot training at some point, I would suspect) and it takes a lot of poking and prodding to get me out of it. But my attitude is much better now, and i've got a renewed energy for this struggle called UPT. Thanks for everyone's support!

Had an EP sim this afternoon. It was very evident that I hadn't been in the books as much as I should. I got a good on it, but I know which parts I really need to focus on (all of it!). Oh yeah, got to do part of the standup today...sweet :bash: Didn't do great, but didn't get sat down, so that was pretty cool.

Another day!

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Good to see you back in the game. Remember, if it was easy...everybody would be doing it. Just take it one small step at a time and do your best and study really hard. Your books and your chair (for chair flying) will be your best friend for the next year...use them. Best of luck and don't let us all wait so long after a post like your last one.

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2 what rcwelch said here and in your more of the same post...

As you said in your more recent post, everyone will have that rough time in flight training. Just remember you're not the first, and certainly wont be the last to get through it. Once you do get through it those couple of failed tests or checkrides wont mean much. Keep learning and move on. <insert cliche modivational speech here>

Besides, Riddlers been slacking on posts, so you need to keep with it. =) GL! :salut:

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Dude! (Read: Sir) You made it this far! Seek out ALL available help. You are in survival mode now. I'm praying for you....

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