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More of the same

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Had a great 3 day weekend, but it didn't last nearly long enough...no kiddin, huh?! Came back and flew tuesday morning. The flight went fairly decent; ya know, for my 4th flight. I was supposed to have an EP sim in the afternoon, but I was having some personal issues, so that got cancelled.

Took the next EPQ this morning, and unfortunately, it was more of the same. I busted it, again. I take solace in the fact that about half our flight didn't pass it, but it still sucks. So that's my 5th EPQ bust which sends me to a ground progress check (PC). That is supposed to go tomorrow...we'll see.

I'm seriously considering calling it a day and chalking this up to experience. I've wanted to fly since I can remember, but I'm obviously not doing well, and it's not getting any better. I'm studying my ass off, but i'm just not cutting the mustard. Maybe I can solicit some advice from those of you reading this: should I drag this out to the very end or know when I am beat and stop the madness? I'd love some advice from some of you.

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I have been following your blog since IFS and know that this is a dream for you. I have a daughter who is in Phase II right now at Columbus and can tell you it does not get any easier. She is about one or two weeks ahead of you as she has completed her checkride last week and her solo prior to that. My advice is to not give up too easily on your dream. You have to have something on the ball or you would not be in UPT in the first place. Sit back and ask yourself what it is that you are not doing that makes you bust this stuff. Do you have good study habits, do you need to write this stuff down on flash cards and review, do you study with your fellow studs? I know from experience that my daughter has a great study group that comes over to her house at least 3 times a week ( she is married and lives on base) and the rest of the spare time she has during the week is taken up by studying alone for at least 3 hours a night. She takes Friday night and Sat. off, but is right back at it on Sunday. Her classmates in her flight as well as her are very helpful in seeing that they all pass everything. Seek help from anyone and everyone as well as getting council from your commander...I don't think they want to see anyone not pass. I would not give up until I had exhausted all avenues as I know how hard it is to get where you are. I hope this helps and best of luck.

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