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So, did I mention that I really dislike EPQs? Well, I do...why? I busted another one; this time by one question. But I guess that's all it takes. These things are killing me! I understand the material, but i'm just not recalling all the info that we have to read. Ugh, I'll make it...it's going to be tough, but i'll get it!

Other than that, not much going on today. It's night week so we don't go in until 9ish (am for those who didn't catch that). We don't have many flights this week because maintenance can't keep up with us...or something along those lines. I don't really know.

Wish me luck and good fortune on the EPQ tomorrow!

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What is an EPQ? How many questions were there...sounds like you were close. You can do it, just study hard!!!! Good luck.

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well dude, keep ur nugget up and the whole "be ready for anything," doesn't change at all in UPT, it will follow you all the way through. Just a tip, have a BRI card ready for each different ride ur opted for and just leave the T/O times blank. Just a tip from someone who's been unprepared before. And Good Luck with the good ole stan tests!!

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Thanks guys! EPQ is an emergency procedure quiz (I think that's what it stands for) over a variety of different pubs and the stuff in them: the dash 1, the 11-248, etc. There are only 20 questions on it and the test bank consists of several hundred questions (from what I hear). You can miss 3 before you fail it. I've consistently missed 4 or 5, which sucks.

Excellent tip about the BRI! I just did that today waiting to PASS the EPQ and fly again.

Thanks again for the words of encouragement!

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