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Keep on keeping on

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Well, some people flew today, but the winds were crazy and were gusting up to 20 and 30 knots, so most of our flight didn't get to fly. For me, it was another day of studying. I did some chairflying of the radios and more studying. The end of the day consisted of a 3 hour review of instruments for our test thursday. I was clueless before, but our instructor made it fairly easy to understand. Plus, I got some help from a buddy of mine in the class behind me that flew Learjets and a few of the guys in my flight...great guys!

Since i'm on academic CAP, I "get" a 24 hour block before academic tests to study and I don't do sims or flights or anything. Our instruments test is thursday so I "get" an extra period of instruction tomorrow afternoon to try and understand this stuff. After the review this evening, I understand it way better than when I was doing the CAIs. I'm pretty confident about it now.

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