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Day 28

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We had a very slow day today. There was a briefing by the T-38 squadron commander early this morning, but I couldn't go because I got out of my sim late last night. Even though i'm not interested in T-38s/fighters, I would have liked to go to see what he talked about; oh well. Had a long class on weather this morning after that, then I was done until our contact test this evening. Some people had sims today, but there were several of us that were "ahead" so our sims are tomorrow.

09-11s track select was at 1400 (that's 2PM for you military types) so I went to that. Can't wait to be there for my track select! They had about 2-3 guard/reserve and 2-3 international students; but out of the active duty guys/gals, there were 2 T-44s, 2 helos, 3 T-38s and the rest were T-1s. Not bad if you ask me. A buddy of mine got T-1s which is what he wanted, so that's cool.

I had a bit of time to study for our contact test and I passed! Only the weather test is left before we hit the flightline on tuesday.

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