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Day 25

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I really had an awesome day today! Started off with a couple of CAIs which I found out I had already done! So I had some time to study some boldface and things like that. Went up to the classroom for our operating procedures test...simply a boldface/ops limits test. After that, I had a couple of hours to study for my first EP sim. It was with the instructor that teaches the operating procedures classes. He's a funny guy, but more importantly, it's easy to learn from him. Anyway, I thought I was fairly well prepared for it and I got a "good", so he must have thought I wasn't a total screw up. For those of you reading this who haven't been to IFS or UPT yet, after you learn the boldface, you will need to learn how to apply them. It's one thing to learn the boldface, but when it comes time to apply them in a certain situation, it becomes a bit tougher. I got done with the sim fairly early compared to everyone else in my class and headed home.

There was a barbeque at one of the guys' house tonight, but since me and the wife and kid are sick, I thought it was better if we all stayed home this time. Oh well, maybe next time. Have a great weekend!

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