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Day 17

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It's friday! We had a review lesson this morning and then I had a couple hours of free time before our sim. I don't know if i've mentioned it yet, but these first 2 sims that we have done is basically a show and tell type thing; the LSI instructors show us stuff in the cockpit and how they work, etc. Had to go directly to Commander's Call after that and get our holiday safety briefing. He was also talking about how he was trying to get the different MWSs to come and have a "fly in" type deal. I think Columbus does that (or did that), and it would be really nice to get touchy feely with the different aircraft that the AF has.

Going to drop night tonight, so that should be a good time. Have a great weekend!

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"Going to drop night tonight, so that should be a good time.

What is "drop night"? Thanks!

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It's where the pilots-to-be find out what aircraft they are going to be flying when they finish up pilot training. Also called assignment night...there is a thread about it in the general discussion forum. I thought it was ok; boring overall but really neat to see where these folks are going.

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