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I checked in today and it turned out to be pretty uneventful. Pretty much your typical base inprocessing stuff. I got a couple lengthy checklists that I need to complete by next week, but that should be easy. I also got a house on base - those who have been here know - the place we got was, well, less than exceptional. I have a queen size bed and it barely fits in my bedroom. They told me I have a floorplan with one of the most square feet, but it's all in the kitchen...the living room and all 3 bedrooms are tiny. Oh well, i'll get used to it; i'll be too busy most of the time to notice anyway.

I'm still pretty excited to get started!

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So you arrived ahead of your orders or did your orders tell you to get to the base a week before hand? Where did you stay for a week?

Thanks, and good luck!

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I was supposed to get here on a tuesday because the monday was a holiday, but since it was a holiday, MPF at my casual base would be closed, so they had me leaving the saturday before I was supposed to get here. So it only took me 4 hours-ish to get here and had to stay in TLF for about a week. Turns out the TLFs are nicer than the houses (in my opinion).

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