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T-6 Complete!

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My Formation checkride and last Low-Level were yesterday. My complete dork of a Form partner and I did really well, we both received "excellent's". I had about 5 minutes to prepare for my Low-Level after the checkride, but luckily one of my flightmates was cool enough to do pretty much all my flight planning for me. He was already done with T-6's and knew I'd have min-time between my checkride and LL, so he hooked me up!

The LL was fun and quick, no biggie.

So now I get to sit around until next Tuesday for my Track Select! I'll write more after that and (hopefully) let you know what T-1 academics are like!


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Guest Titan


Glad to here that! Keep up the great work.

What do you do during Low-Level flights (besides fly low, I assume)? What extra is needed in perparing?


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You plug the winds and temperature into an excel spreadsheet to figure out what airspeed you need to fly to hold 210 groundspeed. Other than that, it's just navigating visually.

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