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T-38 Sim Complete

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So once you get towards the end of T-6's (at least at Vance), they have you go over and do a T-38 sim. At this point, no one (except for the Navy guys) know what we'll be flying for Phase III, and supposedly this sim has nothing to do with that selection (no one at Vance even sees the results, they just go to Randolph for statistics). Anyway, it was fun. You take off from Randolph AFB in your T-38, and fly an ILS at 250 knots. Then again at 300 knots. Then again at 350 knots. Over and over until you're flying the approach at 600 knots! Making your turns at the right places in the radar pattern is pretty interesting at 600 knots!

Formation is going better. It's quickly becoming easier to hang in there in fingertip while doing the lazy-8's. We had the first Air Force guys in my class do their final checkride today, but I left before they got back so I don't know how they did. I'm sure it was fine though.

Couple more weeks!

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