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Form Solo...wahoo!

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My Form Solo was this morning and it was a blast! It's so much nicer being out in the area with someone to play with (sts). The other plane had an IP and one of my classmates working up to his Form Solo. We did a bunch of lazy-8's while -2 tried to stay in fingertip (5 - 10 feet away), and bunch of pitch-outs and rejoins, then went to Extended Trail (ET) Lvl 3. ET is when both of you have your power set at 85% and -2 tries to stay in sight of lead about 500-1000 away at about their 4 or 8 o'clock position. Lead starts yanking and banking up to 120 degrees, 3-4 Gs, using big lazy-8 maneuvers. If -2 is in sight of lead on the inside of all the turns, then lead can take the formation "over the top", i.e. loops, barrel rolls, cloverleafs, cuban eights. If you're solo, you can't go over the top if you're -2, but you can lead the formation over the top. ET Level 1 is just level turns, Lvl 2 is the big lazy-8's, and Lvl 3 is over the top. Good times!

We've had 3 of our Navy guys finish their Form Solo's now, and because they aren't going fighters, they're done with T-6's. Navy fighter guys and all the Air Force guys have like 10 more formation flights after their solo.

So, couple more weeks and I'll be T-6 complete!

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