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More Form, Shorter Days

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Done with 6 form flights now, and it is getting easier to stay in position. I only flew once last week because I messed up my back working on the house last weekend. I wasn't hydrated enough before flying on Friday and we were doing formation aerobatics. All those G's about made me puke! I didn't though, just kept flying. If you puke on any flights after you solo, it's an automatic hook, and we have had two guys in my flight blow chunks on formation flights because you're always looking around. They're fine now though.

I probably have about two more weeks of flying before I'm T-6 complete, then sitting around until track select on July 22nd. We've already had one Navy guy finish.

We had our last stan test this past Friday... woohoo! And I have to brag, I ended up with the top stan test average in the flight!

T-1's, here I come!!

The days are much more relaxed now. 4-5 hours of work, a couple more studying, and we're done! Not too shabby!

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