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Idaho ANG, what’s the plan?

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Hey guys, so I’ve been keeping up to date on all my Air Guard news while sipping this delicious blue kool-aid they have in the waiting area at the medical clinic and I came across an article that said the AF had completed their re-winging project on the A-10.

obviously, the money got sent to AD units first and I was wondering if Idaho got a piece of the pie? New wings would mean they're back in business and not being selected for the F35 is a none-issue. 

Will anyone in the squadron care to comment? 

I was curious how things we're going up there, I saw some locals through a fit about the noise. And some other news says another (albeit small) BRAC is coming in 2021 and was just wondering what the future will hold for those guys. 

I'm a herk guy myself, so I don't have any skin in the game, but I got two buddies in the hog and we were talking about it. 


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