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BarclayCard Arrival+ Credit Card

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Like many here, I already have a AMEX platinum card for free due to the awesome benefits it provides and the fact that it's free to active duty military once you request SCRA benefits with AMEX.  However, it's not a good "day-to-day" credit card.  Also, vendors who take AMEX are sometimes hard to find.


Enter the BarclayCard Arrival+ card, which is a World Elite MasterCard.  Find a link here:


This card typically costs a user $89 per year just to own, and the interest rate is typically higher than USAA's offerings.  HOWEVER, you can get GREAT adjustments to the terms of the card agreement by simply calling the number on the back of the card and requesting SCRA benefits.  Here's what they did for me:

1.  All fees waived (including balance transfer fees, late fees, annual fees)

2.  Interest rate on the card is set to 0%.  That's right:  ZERO INTEREST on a CREDIT CARD

3.  ZERO foreign transaction fees



Their points system is fairly generous, and spending $3k on the card in the first 3 months will net you 40,000 points (worth $400).


If you don't have one yet, I recommend you check it out.  It's a great deal if you're on active duty, and it has become my go-to card for just about everything...just to take advantage of the generous points/cash back system.


Free stuff is cool.  Get with it.

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