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The HF phone patch net handles official (commercial or DSN) and morale patches as well as radio checks for DOD stations worldwide with good propagation conditions. Cost of the phone calls are covered by the individual member.

The MARS Phone Patch Net website has been redesigned for easier viewing and includes an article on net procedures and operation. There is a training video available as well as a flyer that can be posted to provide information to aircrews. Questions or requests like access to the FOUO video and current frequencies can be made through the contact form. The request should include a .mil email address.

The website is at http://marsphonepatch.net

It is our privilege and honor to support those who serve our country.

Richard / AFN6PP

Mars Phone Patch Net Manager

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My dad used this service when he was in Kanto back in '69. He still talks about the morale calls and is one of the few things he can easily talk about during that period of his life. Thank you for the help and lasting memories.

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