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  1. In the past month the warhawks have also lost

    - Their hand signal/gang sign (used to be a W by lowering the ring finger - reason given was that it looked too much like the shocker)

    - "FNG" name. Previously new pilots were referred to as Filthy Beans (FB) until named. The new "new guy" call sign is New Warhawk ________ (first name only). NW is not an accepted abbreviation for "New Warhawk" as it may be misconstrued (???)

    - Top 6-9 meetings are no longer referred to as Top 6-9 meetings due to the sexual nature of their name. They are now Top 4-8 meetings, "or commander, DO, ADO, and Flt CC meetings - no other names will be accepted"



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    9 hours ago, Pooter said:

    There is no world in which fighter pilot callsigns will be run by the EO office. It's hilarious that this dumbass of a squadron commander thinks that would ever be a thing that anyone would agree to.  I would 110% prefer to not have an official callsign than to do this dickdance and I know every single other pilot in the entire CAF feels the exact same way. 

    The predictable result of this is that squadrons are just going to have secret roll calls and namings off base with no bobs invited. Those will be twice as rowdy and irresponsible as if they just let us have our fun in the bar.

    If I was the mayor during this train wreck I would, in order:


    -cancel all future rolls calls and namings

    -tell everyone in the squadron to stop wearing their callsign name tags

    -and then I'd coordinate on the bro level to throw the biggest effing offensive secret naming rager of all time.


    It's gotten pretty close to that already. This has been an ongoing issue, mainly focused on PC names and perception. To the point where the commander would go on urban dictionary and if there was anything derogatory in any of the posts associated with the name, he would then rename the individual with something he deemed appropriate. Many times we would have names for pilots for days or weeks before he deemed it unprofessional and changed it.

    We had some new pilots PCS in. SICKS and NEIN. Great callsigns for the 2 pilots, earned at a different base at a different time. They had their callsigns taken away and are now referred to by their first names.

    The mayor is basically dead. Not a spear, this specific mayor is an absolute hero, but the micromanagement and ALR with the role is too much currently. The CC is unpredictable and it is absolute hell. I have stories that could go on for days regarding the lunacy stemming from this commander (many during deployment when his chaoticness directly impacted dudes trying to fly combat sorties).

    I wish I could tell you the last time the Warhawks had any semblance of morale. I can predict the next time it will be seen is roughly sometime in May, when Phats PCSs.



  3. 7 minutes ago, Waingro said:

    It's real. Congrats Phats, this is, and forever will be your legacy. Assuming your leadership is pushing this on you Phats, you had options, all of them better than this. A squadron full of guys with no callsigns would be better than this Sesame Street spectacle of a naming you propose. The Warhawks deserve better. 

    I have my doubts this is coming from anyone above him. Phats is the worst commander I've seen, and he lost that squadron a long, long time ago. Not to mention his hand in the slam piece that was the Air Force Times article targeting the previous OG/CC. He needed to be fired years ago.

  4. 6 hours ago, ViperStud said:

    Spang Viper Drivers, can anyone confirm this is real?  If so, looks like we’re in for another round of PC retardation from above. 


    It's real. It is the latest in an absolute disaster of leadership. The dude in charge is so terrified of being fired things like this happen. Not a singular event, just the latest and most public thus far...

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