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  1. 6 minutes ago, WannaBpilot said:

    Following up on my own process here and hopefully it will help others. I contacted my Congressperson through their website and was able to eventually connect with a Congressional Liaison who submitted an inquiry on my behalf with the NGB/SG's office. I had to provide my MEPs paperwork and physical exams, clearance letters, and rehab report (this was a letter I wrote about my rehab process as I did all of it myself, and I also detailed by current level of physical activity).

    After 6 weeks, we received a response to the Congressional Inquiry that the NGB/SG Senior Branch Provider and Medical Director reviewed my case and determined they would recommend a waiver. I haven't connected yet with my unit on this-our last waiver attempt was 1 year ago and we haven't been in contact since as my recruiter thought there was no point to try a third waiver request (and I agreed based on 2 failed attempts)-but hopefully this will lead to the official waiver approval and next steps, finally.

    The big lesson here is to not take no for an answer, even if you have to go at it alone. Also, take care of your knees while you're young... 

    That's awesome man, I love hearing stories like this. Congratulations! 

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