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AD/Res/Guard prior O service route

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Looking at pursuing the UPT pipeline dream be it AD or Guard/Reserve.

Uncertain of how the prior service will factor into this- also looking at taking the AFOQT again.


Age: 28

Education: USAFA 2014- Management

Prior service: Separated 2019 as an O3

Rec letters: 2 O5, 1 Airline Pilot + could get a Delta Cap, USAFR C130 guy (separated)

PCSM: 74

AFOQT: Took at USAFA in 2013- Retake would certainly boost pilot/nav scores in the high 40's making them much higher.

Flight hours: 1300 TT, 71 Actual

Flight Certs: CFI-A, CFI-I, Com ME.


In short, looking for any fellas that may have advice/details on how to achieve this- any route is fine and provide different pros/cons. 

1) While taking the AFOQT would certainly boost scores, and by no means am I against it- trying to get a date as I type this- is it a necessity for the AD board to get a slot? I believe the research shows an 75-80% chance of UPT completion based on the score alone.  

2) How would the prior commission service play a role in this- No OTS on the time to UPT?


I know the USAF AD needs pilots desperately, hoping I can do my part.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

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