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Anyone have any experience with California detachments that take 422/IMR in place of DoDmerb examination?

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I'm in in college and thinking of joining the California Air National Guard to help pay for college since I'm too old to get AF-ROTC scholarships (I'm 32).

My plan is to do AF-ROTC and Air Guard at the same time.

I was told some AF-ROTC dtachments take the Air Guard's 422/IMR in place of DoDMerb medical exam and I want to get the opinion of those who's detachments allowed them to do this.

Was it difficult to get your detachment to take 422/IMR?

Another side of this is that I have read countless stories of awesome cadets being DQ'd over absolutely nothing and I figure 422/IMR would help me avoid being DQ'd.

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Former ROTC instructor here (just left Sept of this year too ...so current) -


You're correct when you say ROTC will take a current 422 and PHA in lieu of an approved DoDMERB exam. The reason ROTC allows this is that you'll have to get a MEPS physical before you can enlist in the California ANG. ROTC treats a MEPS like a DoDMERB in that regard. Your MEPS/422/PHA will also work as your commissioning exam.


*****FOOT STOMPER**** If you go this route, you MUST contract into ROTC the day you're conditionally released (via form 368) from your ANG commitment. This date will be no earlier than 30 days prior to graduation/commissioning. If you do not, you'll have to get a DoDMERB .... and starting a DoDMERB clearance a month before graduating/commissioning is a surefire way of delaying your entry onto Active Duty.


Also, side note - for that month you're contracted into ROTC (and out of the ANG), you will receive the ROTC stipend, which will be $500ish. Not a huge amount, but worth remembering (beer $$$). You won't get any ROTC educational benefits while you're simultaneously in the ANG, however ....most state's ANG benefits either mirror or are better than what ROTC offers ....and it's a GUARANTEE, whereas ROTC scholarships are competitive. Let me know if you have more questions.

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