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TBAS PC Simulator

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I put together a simulator that is based on the requirements of the TBAS. Now I have taken the TBAS twice and have no use for it any longer so I am looking to sell it. The setup consists of a Thrustmaster Cougar joystick and throttle mounted to a plate and CH Pro pedals. The pedals are the exact ones used for the TBAS. The joystick is the same one that used to be used for the TBAS but some locations have switched to the Thrustmaster Warthog which is very similar. Additionally, I wrote a game that is very close to the first couple of sections of the TBAS. The game has two windows, one for tracking in 2D with the joystick and another for tracking 1D with the pedals. The difficulty is adjustable and can be set to way harder than what is on the TBAS. The game runs on win7 or win10. The whole package would come with all the hardware, the drivers, the game, and the source code for the game. 

Send me a message for further details, pictures, etc. 

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