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Advice on MEPS for preciously adjudicated problem.

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Long story short, I was in college a while ago and was in a Navy program. It was cut during sequestration and since I was struggling in school, I was one of the folks that got cut out.

All of that back story to get to by question.

When I went to MEPS the first time, I said that id been prescribed medicine for acid reflux in past and that caused a stir.

I went to a gastroenterologist and had test done and he wrote a letter saying that my general practitioner had misdiagnosed me years prior.

Now that I am going through the process of trying to get a guard or reserve slot, I’ll have to go to MEPS again (I last went in 2010) and wanted to know how to handle this?

Do I try to find the letter and just take it with me or just wait until I inevitably get the same reaction I did last time and go through all the paperwork again?

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