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Found 1 result


    Civilian T-6 IPs?

    Had an interesting conversation with an IP who has a friend "in the 'know'". This is basically third-hand information, so I apologize in advance if something was lost in translation if you happen to have more detailed intel. He mentioned the Air Force is "considering" standing up a program whereby recently separated military aviators who graduated from Air Force UPT or Naval Primary would be recruited to continue federal service as a civilian T-6 IP? Interestingly enough, he also mentioned that under the auspices of this program, "highly-qualified" civilian accessions 'might' be eligible too. The criteria for direct civilian IP accessions isn't set in stone, but he said they'd have to be college graduates (and their aeronautical credentials awarded from a part 141 university flight program), in possession of a certain number of flight hours (1000 hours, I think?), be a CFI-I, be able to pass and hold an FC-1 and successfully complete PIT. Additionally, the non-mil civilian IP candidates would go through an "extended and more rigorous" syllabus while attending PIT. No mention of whether or not non-mil accessions would complete UPT prior to PIT? I would assume so? Finally, I heard the airlines might somehow (potentially) have a stake in such a program. Again, no details provided to me on the why or how. Also no mention or indication that this hypothetical program would be replicated in T-1s or T-38s. I understand that this is obviously another attempt at fixing something that isn't broken, and sidestepping the actual issues of pilot retention, but I am curious...has anyone else heard anything of this sort? Other than this one conversation I can find no details anywhere to corroborate. As far as I can tell, it's vaporware. Again, just curious. Thanks, gents, and happy flying.