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  1. Will I fly again?

    Thanks for the replies fellas. I know it will be an uphill battle, but I've been there and done that before. I would greatly appreciate any insight from the Doc's on the forum; be it positive or negative. Thanks in advance.
  2. Will I fly again?

    Dudes/Chicks, Background: July 2010 diagnosed with CHONDROSARCOMA in left upper jaw/lower cheek bone. Has not metastisized. After 5 surgeries, clear margins/cancer free. Except for 3 molars (right side) entire alveolar ridge (including all other teeth) removed. Nov 2010, upper jaw reconstructed via "fibula free flap" surgery. Currently waiting to start the process for dental implants. No complications to this point. Able to valsalva(sp?) normally after initial reconstructive surgery. Full function/mobility of left leg (donor). Follow up MRI/CT's scheduled every 3 months to look for re-occurrence. No Chemotherapy. I know this type of cancer does have a high rate of recurrence, so I'm looking for your honest opinions as to whether I will fly again, just give it to me straight (sts) Cheers!