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  1. Thought that was odd? Where do these guys come up with this stuff! Haha
  2. What? You all don't press and starch your PT gear? I thought this was the norm?
  3. Jkarl

    Dobbins info

    I just got done with initial qual at dobbins last month. The gouge on the website is pretty good except that you will now be doing all phase 2 and 3 as co-pilot. I can give you a basic rundown with what you need to know and update the gouge. As far as getting Dobbins, you have a better shot if you’re a reservist that fly’s H2’s or H3’s. I flew E models and went (pure luck). Dobbins is the best deal out there concerning any AETC school in the country, great per-diem, great location and great instructors. There were only 2 other studs in my class, but the class size usually averages 6. Dobbins is much more streamlined than Little rock with their syllabus, that’s why you only work 3 half days a week. The first couple of months our academics at Lockheed. They will issue you a laptop so you can do your CBT’s at home. You do have some classroom instruction, but mostly CBT’s. Expect to work approx 3-4 days a week in the academic phase. Phase 1 is “pro phase” (landings, instrument work, basic navigation emergencies), you will learn systems first and practice emergencies in the Flight Training Device (a sim that doesn’t move or have visual). They give you plenty of time to run through checklists, so you can learn were all the switches are. You will work with the engineer on your first phase diagnosing emergencies. A big emphasis item is 3 engine go’s make sure you know each step from the dash-1 and talk through them as you are performing them in the plane. Mid-way through phase one you will have your from 8 EPE in the FTD, which is basic system emergencies, and make sure you know told definition and weather mins. You will get in the sim for the rest of phase 1 and work on landings and instruments. At the end of phase 1 an instructor will come over from the flightline and evaluate your flying to make sure your ready for the flight line. Dobbins is different than little rock because your do phase 1,2 and 3 at Lockheed before you go to the flight line. After pro phase you’ll do phase 2 and 3 which consist of SKE formation, NVG, Airland, Low level as CO-PILOT. You will work with the navigator in this phase and focus on the tactical mission and your duties. After phase 3 you’ll hit the flight line and pacing will pick up. Pro phase consist of 4 ground training sessions and approx 4 flights and a form 8 checkride. Your first flight in the plane will be in the right seat for proficiency landings then you’ll move to the left seat and learn how to land the plane and run the crew. After your check ride you’ll transition into phase 2 and 3. Tac phase consist of 8 flight and a checkride. This phase consists of mainly night NVG and Airland operations as a co-pilot. Once you hit the flightline, expect to fly 3 days a week and you’ll have ground training the days you aren’t flying. This phase will go fast. Atlanta is great whether you’re single or bringing a family. You’ll have plenty of days off to visit every part of Atlanta and Georgia. There are several federal parks if you enjoy hiking and the outdoors and many other endless indoor activities. The night life is great! Atlanta is a very trendy spot with tons of young people. As far as living, you will report to the dobbin’s inn and they will give you a contract quarters slip. I highly highly urge staying at the residence inn. This is the best deal by far. They just finished remodeling and they all have new beds and furniture. You will have a free hot breakfast every morning and dinner and free beer 4 nights a week. You also have a full kitchen if you want to cook yourself. The staff is super friendly and will cater to your every need. They upgraded me to a penthouse room for the same rate. It’s so nice having a maid clean your room daily and having a nice bed to sleep on at night. Dobbins does not have a mess hall, so you will get full per-diem for Atlanta. Unlike the gouge, I would not suggest getting a corporate apartment. They make you sign a lease and charge late fees if you do not pay on the first day. Some previous studs had trouble getting out of their lease that finished early and the D.O. had to get involved with the corporate apartment company. Not to mention your finance office may not even approve a corporate apartment, because dobbins will NOT give you a non-availability slip - only contract quarters. Some dudes had to pay for their whole stay. Just stay at the residence inn and it will make everyone’s life easier including yours. This is a nice place. As far as gouge, everything you will need to know will be “taught” to you. Just know what you’re told to know and you’ll do fine. Only 1 dude in the entire history of dobbins school has not made it through, and that guy went to Little Rock and passed. Remember this base is a RESERVE base run by RESERVISTS most of the instructors fly for a living and come in to have fun. No mandatory PT or any other Active Duty bull shit. It was a great time and I’ll miss it. It’s a gentlemen’s course and everyone is here to help you pass, unlike UPT. If you have any other questions just ask.
  4. (AFI 36-3003) Charge leave to members attending AETC formal schools that close for the Christmas and New Year's Day holidays. Do not charge them leave if they perform authorized duty at the TDY site or report for approved duty to their home station during holiday periods. When their permanent duty station commanders concur, members may return to the home station to perform duty. If so, entitlement to allowances prescribed in JFTR, paragraph U4175, may apply. See AFR 177-103, Travel Transactions at Base Level, chapter 4. So essentially, you could go home and get reimbursed for it.
  5. Jkarl

    Grouchy TSgt

    I don’t think it's what you ask, I think it's the way you ask it. I always show respect for the TechSgt, MSgt, Etc. because quite frankly they have a lot more time in, and don’t want to be taking orders from a 4 month old Lt. (not to say they wouldn’t follow orders given by an officer,) but I think a lot of senior enlisted get pissed when some hot shot Lt. walks through the door barking orders and demanding sh*t. I’m not saying don’t act like your not an officer, but mutual respect will never really hurt you. If I were you, I wouldn’t bring it up to the boss either, he probably has better stuff to worry about than a Tsgt rolling his eyes at you. You’re an officer, handle it yourself. [ 22. September 2005, 23:25: Message edited by: Jkarl ]
  6. You will if your a reservist for that airframe. Like myself. [ 17. September 2005, 23:21: Message edited by: Jkarl ]
  7. FYI...Your not supposed to iron or put them in the dryer, it ruins the fire rating on it.
  8. So is it fair to say that anything that's in your inflight guide (i.e. aircraft systems diagrams, procedures) is fair game for GK or a tabletop ep, during a checkride?
  9. I knew you weren't serious. But it does almost work out at that speed. I'm amazed he got that right.
  10. Check out this site: http://www.4militaryfamilies.com/militarydiscounts.htm
  11. Once for the Academy! What Academy if you don't mind me asking? As far as a pilot package goes, that is the same as an OTS package. He'll be picked up for OTS with a pilot position. The time it takes will be dependent on his scores, flight hours etc. There are several tests he has to take in order to apply for pilot. I don't know if he has taken those yet. Do a search on the application package for more detail. It usually takes a good month to find out if you were selected and to receive a class date.
  12. There is no way a f-14 could travel at Mach 3 for that distance, the wings would burn off. (@ Mach 3 the wings would reach a heat of approx 650 degrees.) From AF Fact sheet Speed- 1,584 mph (2,548km/h) Max. speed at 40,000 ft (12,200 m)Max Mach Number = 1.88 Cruise Mach Number = .72 Fuel: 16, 200 lbs. Internal fuel: 3, 800 lbs. External Maximum range- 1,600 nm (2,573km) No way it's true (Maybe in a SR-71)
  13. If it were up to him, he would love to see himself promoted like this. I mean, to him this is "real" anyway, what's the problem with sharing a few stories of a heroic man like himself?
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