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  1. Really? Why so emotional? Only affects me $5k/year, but worth asking. Thanks for contributing zero.
  2. Any idea if you can stop the FY17 AGR bonus and sign a new FY18 one (more $$$)?
  3. 3rd = 4 on, 2 off, 8 hrs of flying (turns into 10-11 hrs for most based on additional duties) Not sure exactly what the 33rd currently is doing. They went to a JORTS cycle where you're 2 months on (5 on, 2 off, but usually 6 on, 1 off), and then 1 "down" month of training/local flying/sims with mixed feedback so far.
  4. Disagree. IFS will most likely be the LAST flying you do on AF's dime until you get out of RPAs. If given the option, there are many RPA pilots who wouldn't mind to go back to IFS to get more flight time. Better than nothing. Hopefully, the rumors of an ACE-like program come true, but I do not see this happening anytime soon. From the AFSOC side, we barely get our semi-annual requirements done, much less additional flight training. Not to say it would be impossible, but I don't see leadership pushing to give us the option to fly on our weekends (even though again, there are plenty who wo
  5. Looks like the updated (24 Sep 09) AFI 48-123 has an "Unmanned Aircraft System Medical Standards" section 6H (page 105). AFI 48-123
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