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  1. @CharlieHotel47 so I have everything done to include IFC1 and an approved inter service transfer. Did you have to go through the interservice transfer program before being able to apply? That is what AFPC is tell me right now. Could I send you a private message as well? I appreciate your help.
  2. Hi, I am an active duty army officer, trying to apply for 2021 Active Duty UFT. In the application submission instruction it says an application packet should be submitted through a myPers Questionnaire page. However, I get the error message saying they have a trouble accessing personnel data. I can’t even get to the questionnaire to fill out and submit my packet. I spoke to IT as well, waiting for their response. I know that I don’t have any personnel data in myPers. Does anybody know who has submitted the application via myPers questionnaire from other branches rather than the Air
  3. Did anybody submit the UPT application packet for 2021 board?
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