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  1. @URTHopeful2021 Gotcha, well I'm a civilian wanting to got to OTS for pilot and I thought the rated boards were done for the year but just ran across that. I've taken the tests and all, just waiting on LORs. So I can just contact my local AD OTS recruiter right?
  2. https://airforcejourney.com/schedules/fy2021-line-officer-board-schedule/ I saw this, anyone else know if this is correct, that Nov 13th is cutoff date for AD rated board?
  3. I know I could still get 90s pilot score if I retook it so not worried I'd do bad, but just want to increase the other sections. But at the same time, I know the rest of my application could use improvement too. Was there anything you wished you had known about when you rushed your first squadron?
  4. That's good to hear, what track did you end up going and how many interviews did you have until you were finally selected at a unit or AD?
  5. What kind of airframe, was it guard? If you don't mind elaborating more that would be nice to hear!
  6. I'm 23yrs old, just got my Aerospace Engr degree with 3.28GPA. P:97 N:82 AA:70 V:44 Q:88 / PCSM 90 with 81hrs, 97 with 201hrs I know my verbal is weak, English is not my first language but I'm pretty fluent so don't feel that's an excuse (thoughts?). I have leadership experience as team lead of senior project, and on Formula SAE team. I've worked with civilian test pilots as an intern and recently started volunteering to help a mechanic fix GA aircraft. I'm still currently searching for a real fulltime job to give me more leadership experience, so work in progress. I want to go reserve/guard fighters, but I'm willing to apply to AD board. I know there's better scores out there, so I'm considering retaking the test. Appreciate honest feedback.
  7. This might be a dumb questions but how do you rush units, don't you need some kind of permission to get on a base typically, or how does that part work?
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