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  1. Hello, Should I take that to mean that getting a pilot slot, may be a little bit easier in AD? I am still aiming for a top PCSM score (90+) but it sounds like AD would be a little more forgiving on the PCSM, especially since the airframe is not yet determined. Thanks, Robert
  2. Hello All, I am looking for some clarification and possibly recommendations on the process I should take. Starting with where I am at: I am turning 29 in December I am on track to graduate with a bachelors in Business Management in July of 2021 (if I keep it up with a 4.0 GPA) Studying my a** off for the AFOQT as well as trying to hone TBAS skills, exam scheduled 2nd week of October. I have about 15 flight hours, gaining at about 5/week and hoping to be in the 41-60 slot by November (weather permitting, lots of smoke in CA creating lots of IFR) I originally swore into an enlisted reserve position, however, I never shipped because at my first DEP UTA I learned it is a very difficult process to switch from reserve to active (contrary to what my recruiter informed me) so I am processing a discharge so I can begin applying to my first board this November. I am curious what the process looks like for applying for an Active UPT slot? I know for Reserve/Guard a specific unit has to pick you up, however, for active I though you more or less get offered a spot and top of their class get a better shot at what they are after, but you take what is available. Can anyone clarify this for me? I want a fighter roll, F-16, A-10 or F-22 are top choices (want in one hand shit in another see which fills up first, I know) however, I am not sure if I understand the process entirely yet. I had an active duty Officer recruiter help me set up my AFOQT and TBAS, the only issue is since my DEP discharge is not finished processing yet for the reserve enlisted, I am not getting the recruiters attention yet, hence coming to the forum for some insight. If anyone can clarify the process for an Active UPT Fighter Role, as well as some PCSM scores that could be considered competitive for this role, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks, Robert
  3. You were selected in November of last year? have you attended OTS and are awaiting UPT, or you have done neither as of yet? Also, what was your PCSM? I am currently hoping to apply for this November board, studying of AFOQT and TBAS, exam scheduled in October. Flight hours I expect to have at least 40 by November. Also currently 8-9 months away from finishing my degree. I am on the older side 28 and am concerned that I will be missing my opportunities due to age. Thanks, Robert
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