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  1. That’s good to hear thanks!
  2. All the sources I can find say you need a GPA of 2.5 minimum to apply to OTS. Does that mean I would need a waiver to apply to guard units? I have a 2.1 so I would assume if you’re right I would still need a waiver? How common are gpa waivers do they really even do that? Feeling discouraged at the moment. Thanks
  3. Just a question, I am working on my private pilots license and have below the minimum 2.5 gpa, will I have to get a waiver to even apply how did you get a slot did you rush the unit before they interviewed you? Do guard units not have to follow the Air Force OTS gpa requirement? I recently spoke with a fighter unit that said they will throw application packets out that don’t meet the minimum requirements.
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