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  1. Ok thanks. I Figured, but wanted to be sure.
  2. Yeah me too. Has anyone heard from 357 or 166?
  3. Last week I got an email saying they couldn’t open my application so I resent it, but nothing since then.
  4. Wanted to get opinions on what Letter of Recommendation would look the best for an Application. Most places say they want 3 LoR's. Uncle He was a Colonel in the Air Force, a pilot. I would think it would look bad to have family write a letter of recommendation, but I have heard having a pilot write your LoR looks best. I asked one pilot I know about having family write a recommendation and he said don't worry about it because he had his dad write his letter. Family Friend He was also a Colonel in the Air Force, a pilot. Former Squadron Commanders They are Colonels now, but not Pilots. Know me kind of well. Former Flight Commanders They are only Captains, not pilots. But they know me really well. Former Flight Chief E-8, but very highly decorated and respected in my career field. Knows me really well. College Professor from MBA No military background, but well respected professor with very impressive background. Current Civilian Boss He was a Captain in the Air Force, but now just my civilian boss. I was thinking I could be bold and reach out to my old wing commander who is a pretty big deal in the Air Force now to see if I could get a LoR from them. I doubt they would remember me, but I did win an award and get BTZ under them so who knows. And they were a pilot.
  5. Lol, I love the Michael Scott quote. Thanks for the advice. Yeah I was actually planning on getting a PPL. I took 4 hours and then there was a family emergency that i emptied all of my savings to help my family. I also had a wedding last year, bought a house, and now have a kid on the way. So not the best time financially for me lol. There are talks of potential layoffs for my company next year and my year end bonus was canceled so would be a bit worried about that much debt, but who knows maybe this corona thing will turn around lol. Thanks again, and agree 100% never know what can happen.
  6. Thank you for the information. I do have contacts at a couple of units, but other units I was looking at I do not know anyone. So should I reach out to a unit first If I dont know anyone there and see if they would make an exception for my age or just apply?
  7. No, I do not have a PPL. Its not possible right now financially. Maybe that will change in the near future. Yes, I agree. I wouldn't expect to get the job over someone more qualified/better suited. Just wanted to see if I should still apply even if I don't fit the requirement exactly.
  8. I saw someone mention in another forum that they were applying for a role that they didn't necessarily fit the requirements for and there wasn't much of a discussion there, so I wanted to ask here. Is it better to reach out to a unit and ask if they will make an exception and risk them telling you no, or should you just submit your application anyway and risk them just throwing your package away after seeing that you do not fit the requirements? I am 31.5 with only a few hours of flight time and a lot of the listings I see say "must be under 31" or "must have solo flight." I reached out to a base and they acted like I was crazy for even asking if they would consider me. I feel like asking someone over the phone or email has a high probability of them saying no. My rationale is maybe they like my application and are willing to look past my age or flying inexperience once they have read my packet (not saying they will, but there is a chance), but if I asked before I applied I am probably getting turned down. Just wanted your opinions.
  9. I had a 25 on the pilot portion of the AFOQT and a PCSM score of a 2. Literally a 2. I retook the AFOQT and got a 95 on the pilot section and my PCSM score jumped to a 40. I was surprised how much weight the AFOQT holds. I just retook the TBAS and got my score to a 58.
  10. Hey everyone, I just want to see opinions if I have a chance for a guard/reserve unit. I really don't care what type of plane, I just want to be a pilot. Preferably a unit in the Southeast. Here is my info: Age: 31.5 AFOQT: 95 Pilot / 92 Navigator / 65 Acad Aptitude / 86 Verbal / 44 Quantitative PCSM: 58 with 4 hours 6-10 hours=63 11-20 hours=67 21-40 hours=71 41-60 hours=75 61-80 hours=79 81-100 hours=83 101-200 hours=87 201+ hours=91 Flying Experience: Only 4 hours. I was fully planning on getting a PPL, but after a family emergency I had to loan some money to my parents. Unfortunately now I am not in a financial position to pursue flight hours. College: Undergrad 2.75 GPA - Marketing / Masters 3.5 GPA from a Top 25 MBA Program Current Job: Work for a major bank in Charlotte, NC. Background: I am currently enlisted in the Air Force Reserve as an EOD Tech. Previously I was active duty for 4 years. Recommendations: I could get LORs from any below, what do you think would look the best? -Former squadron commanders (Colonels, but not pilots) -Former flight commanders (Only captains, but know me well) -College professor -Current civilian boss (was in the Air Force, but not a pilot) -Family friend (Colonel Pilot) -Uncle (Colonel Pilot, but obviously is family. I dont know how that looks) It looks like many units want people below 31. I have been trying to reach out to people, but many units make it clear no waivers. Also my lack of flight time hurts. I see alot of units want a PPL or at least Solo time. Maybe when my financial situation improves I could get more time, but right now its just not possible.
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