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  1. Howdy all, I am a prior service infantryman finishing undergrad in a STEM field. I would like to commission to continue to serve the taxpayer, but also gain experience relevant to human spaceflight. Ideally, I'd like to find a sponsoring unit to send me to OTS+UPT. Then I would start a PhD program after seasoning and becoming MWS qualified. Some things I am curious about: Is there anyway to become a T-38 FAIP for Reserve/Guard? As a companion trainer for 'X' unit? Could I attend TPS as a civvie flight test engineer, even if I am a rated pilot in ANG/AFRES? Will there ever be an AFRES route to the U-2? NASA has been using another high-altitude air-frame (WB-57) to supplement astronaut candidate training. Pretty unique skills, plus I'd love to support ISR missions. (https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2187171/making-history-reserve-pilot-flies-u-2-dragon-lady/ ) EDIT: Just for fun... could I wear my CIB on my flight suit instead of wings?
  2. We grunts who fought the COIN fight down below appreciate the TIC service.
  3. *hat tip to the driver who made the news recently*
  4. Do you think there is utility in the unit having a FAIP program for the companion training T-38's? Whether or not the FAIP T-38 instructors successfully do their interview sorties in the U-2?
  5. Hello, I had the pleasure of reading through this thread today. Ive been trying to reach out on the commercial (non DSN) line to the recruiting staff at Beale. Haven’t made contact yet, but will continue trying. I’m interested in knowing it it is possible for the 9th Reconnaissance wing to accept a reserve component pilot for the FACT program? Thanks (Also, after reading this entire thread: Huggy, you are a kick ass civil servant.)
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