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  1. You may want to also consider retaking the TBAS (if your goal is to improve your PCSM). Looking at your max PCSM, you should be able to squeeze out a couple more points. To put things into perspective, I scored an 82 Pilot AFOQT and have a PCSM max score of 94 at 201+ hours. Definitely room for you to improve the PCSM score if you don’t want to risk retaking the AFOQT. Just food for thought, good luck man!
  2. No worries, I actually emailed their unit directly and asked when the next hiring board was. Best advice I can give is that if you have interest in a unit, email/call and ask about when their next board is. Some don’t publicly post online.
  3. Apps due a couple weeks ago with interview notifications before August, -130’s.
  4. Anyone apply to Moffett on the most recent board?
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