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  1. Boise just sent out a mass email notifying folks that they had received hard-copies of applications, appears to be about 85 people on it. Just an FYI for those wondering.
  2. I sent mine about two weeks ago and haven't heard anything.
  3. I reached out to their POC. I will share if I hear anything. I’m hoping that maybe they had the deadline in BogiDope incorrect as the application wasn’t supposed to be due till 10/31, but it’s very possible they canceled the board. If anyone wants the application documents feel free to PM me and I can share. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  4. Got the TBNT from Hawaii last night, and Tucson just now. Congrats to those invited!
  5. Disappointing to hear Hawaii already sent out invites, but congrats to those invited. That would have been a cool one for sure!
  6. I got the same email about when to expect a reply if invited but wasn't asked about interview dates so I guess it's a no go for me too.
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