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  1. That's good gouge. Any idea how these units solicit applications for those positions? Is it posted online or is it cold calling the unit / recruiter?
  2. Question for the group...I know for pilot opportunities there are resources like Bogidope to find open positions and boards. Is there anything available for these openings for CSO slots? I'm separating from Active Duty (E-6) in about a year and a half if I don't get picked up for AD OTS. To cover down, I'm also looking at ANG and AFR pilot and CSO opportunities if I strike out for the AD boards. Appreciate the assist and any further info on the CSO career field. This forum has been a huge help thus far for learning and preparing.
  3. Hey everybody, long time lurker but finally joined in to start posting. Long story short, thought I missed the boat on pursuing a dream but the AF did me a solid and bumped up the age limit. Therefore, I’m taking advantage of a second chance to pursue the flying life. Age: 30 AD E-6 AFOSI Agent (hence the name lol) AFOQT: P91/N64/AA66/V79/Q52/ABM75 PCSM: 59 (No flight hours...yet./ 201+ is a 95) GPA: 3.8; BS in Emergency management and public safety from GCU Going for AD boards for Pilot and CSO. If it don’t work, I’ll be separating and trying for CSO or heavies in ANG or AFR. What you guys think? I can provide more data or background but wanted to get an initial wag
  4. Long time lurker, new poster... Just took the TBAS. Week or two prior, basically flew combat flight sims doing 1v1 BFM and that seemed to help on the stick/rudder skills. Also not sure if recommended already, but check the app store for Pilot Aptitude Pro. I've been playing that off and on for weeks and it helped speed up the brain on multitasking portion. Had a 91 AFOQT pilot going in with no flight hours. After bombing the UAV portion, still squeaked a 59. My 201+ score is a 95
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