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  1. I’m actually at JBSA Randolph for UPT 2.5 and they have still kept us in the dark on everything. However, from what we have heard here and there I can confirm that this does sound correct.
  2. As a pilot about to leave for IFT mid May I can confirm that RPAs are taking the slash on their IFT slots. As of right now in my element all pilots IFT dates are unchanged however the RPAs are all cancelled without new date.
  3. I PCS to Randolph next Saturday, I’ve been given the green light to go ahead
  4. As a FNG with an RNLTD of 31 March this thread has been nothing but useful in regards to JBSA Randolph. I've been in preparation to leave for Laughlin since May '19 until I received my orders last week with Randolph AFB listed and have been given absolutely zero answers as to why until now. Nobody knows UPT can also be done there now and neither did I. My only concern now is that with your 3 typical UPT bases you get a nice helpful student handbook to go along with it. In regards to reporting procedures (as I leave in under 4 weeks) would it be best to take it up with the Major there? Th
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