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  1. Appears the wait is over....AFPC updated with 19 Jun release.
  2. I’ve been using one for the past few years. I won’t leave home without it.
  3. The part most people are concerned with...cost: Airplane: $350/hr x 6hrs(including checkride) = $2100 Instructor: $400 DPE: $500 Total: $3000 Dates/Times are very flexible but most people typically enjoy fly, fly, check over 3 days. The flights will be in a Cessna 310 and will be flown out of North Little Rock Airport (KORK). Batting average is 100%. PM for more details/scheduling info. www.mikejones.aero
  4. If anyone is in/willing to travel to the Little Rock area to complete their ATP, send me a message. Very military friendly program.
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