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  1. For those who have been wondering about the 112 FS in Toledo, I got in contact with the POC for this year's board. As of right now, the board is on hold. They will be deploying at some point and are making every effort to hold interviews before then.
  2. The posting on their site seems to confirm: https://www.144fw.ang.af.mil/Resources/Pilot-Boards/ @tarheelaviator just curious, was the 112th FS email sent to a particular list or something? I didn't get that email...wondering if it spells bad news for me.
  3. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your story - incredibly inspirational.
  4. Thanks for the perspective, good to know there's hope for "old" guys.
  5. Thanks for the honest assessment, appreciate it! Can’t do anything about my age but I can get more flight hours to bump up my PCSM above 90. I’ll start there and see what happens.
  6. Hi all, I think I have a pretty good idea of what my chances are just based off the numerous threads here, but I would gladly accept any feedback from you all regarding my own specifics seeing as many of you are landing interviews and getting hired - so you must be doing something right 😉 28 years old, non-prior Currently working as a senior software engineer (6 years industry experience) with experience leading projects and teams over the past year or so B.S. in Computer Science, 3.13 GPA P94 N88 AA87 V99 Q60 PPL 68 hours PCSM 85 (96 with 201+ hrs) LORs: one from college marching band director and two from military family friends who have known me for years (one USAF, one USN) Leadership experience aside from current job: - Section leader for 20+ member section junior and senior year in college marching band - President of service fraternity in college Other noteworthy (at least I think so) items I address in my cover letter: - PPL checkride happened to be scheduled right when a work project I was leading had a deadline coming up, managed to pass checkride while working 80 hour work weeks - work project was a success as well - Moved across the state and switched flight schools, airplanes, etc. while training for PPL, talked about opportunities it created to learn new/different airspace, airplane systems, work with a different instructor, etc. I'm going for fighters only and have just recently started blasting out applications. Appreciate any and all feedback!
  7. This seems to imply invites for a meet and greet have gone out already, am I reading too much into this statement? Any others confirm/deny invites have been sent for a meet and greet with the 457th?
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