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  1. Are you guys still planning on hosting visitors for the April 4-5 drill weekend?
  2. @ryleypav yes I am within 10 hours of finishing my PPL
  3. @EvilEagle Thanks! I planning on taking that room for improvement and using every inch of it!
  4. Hi everyone, So here’s what I got: AFOQT Scores: Pilot 99/ Nav 93/ AA 98/ Verbal 94/ Quant 97 PCSM: 66 with 39 flights hours (87 @ 201 hrs) Additionally, I am 25 year old mechanical engineering grad with a 3.2 GPA, working for a large aerospace company. I would really like to try to go for fighters on the reserve/guard side but I feel my pcsm is abysmal for that. I plan on re-taking my TBAS (as my first time taking it I was coming in on very little sleep after a long flight the night before.) honestly how do my chances look? And if not for guard, what about
  5. Does anyone know if Vermont or Massachusetts are having hiring boards this year? I believe they both did last year, but I was curious if either were going to be back to back?
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