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  1. the PSDM goes from MPF to your Wg/CC. i would ask your CC to reach out and up the chain. you can always call MPF and ask the flight commander if the PSDM has made it to wing leadership yet.
  2. My money is on it being an AFPC issue as my MPF here in sunny Tampa has not seen anything yet today.
  3. Thankfully it is not an AETC Family Day sauce: https://www.jbsa.mil/Portals/102/Documents/COVID-19 GMs/2021-2022 AETC Family Days.pdf?ver=ZXVuE5JlWgxHhTivFLtYAw%3D%3D
  4. Capt-- I’m just waiting on final approval to release the PSDM. I’ll release it as soon as I get the approval…hopefully by tomorrow. Cheers, Chris
  5. Your assignments team/functional must "release" you for consideration in order for package to actually make it to the board.
  6. not sure if you were asking me...but 13M- Airfield Ops
  7. Not selected. PCSM: 59 (No PPL - 9 hrs) AFOQT: P-93 C-89 AA-78 V-78 Q-70 GPA: 2.5 - USAFA #1/77 wg strat in wg/cc letter of rec (only posting this to show that a good letter of rec and wg/cc support will not necessarily make up for a low PCSM/GPA/whatever else) Congrats to those selected!
  8. From the UFT Board page on the Portal: "The list will be on sent to FSS's via AFPC Secure tonight, 6 Nov, and the notification of the results will be in their daily email that gets sent at 0230 central time each night. Specific timing will vary by base and how quickly the FSS's get the info to the Commanders."
  9. on 1 Mar 18 the results were with the Gen for signature. then the release to the CCs was on 2 Mar, verified by first person posting their results. the 2019 forum is a bit harder to decipher, looks like the results sat with the Gen for a couple weeks before signature, perhaps due to the holiday season. anyway, best of luck to everyone! thanks for all the updates
  10. thanks for the info. i’m AD with 18months left on my ADSC with no option for PC. applied to the AD UPT board but also looking into other options in case I don’t get picked up. game plan would be start rushing and interviewing ASAP with hopes to PF. any advice? thanks! Beef
  11. Is this a rule of thumb for all applicants? What timeline would you expect for an AD applicant who is already commissioned, has a FCI, etc?
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