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  1. I am 24 years old and plan on applying to both Reserve and ANG heavy units this Spring. I have my bachelors degree with a 3.33 GPA. My AFOQT scores are: P:79, N:73, AA: 79, V: 56, Q:88. My PPL checkride is scheduled for February 14th and currently have roughly 57 hours. I plan to get LOR from my CFI, my Scout Master (Eagle Scout), and a professor from college. I take the TBAS tomorrow and then will receive my PCSM. I know there is not much a way to tell me chances without a PCSM, however, if I do well on the TBAS and receive a good PCSM, is that the main factor considered? Or should I also retake the AFOQT? I know my scores are lower in Pilot and Nav than I would like them to be, when I previously took the AFOQT I had no flight experience so I am confident I could boost my scores in those categories. However, it has been awhile since I have been enrolled in school so I am worried other categories may suffer from not being as familiar with the math and engineering type questions anymore. Just looking to get advice on what to do or if I should retake tests, how my current scores look if anyone has an idea if these would be competitive for heavies since it seems most people ask about fighters, or anything else anyone has to offer. Thanks for the help
  2. I am 24 years old with a bachelors degree and my AFOQT scores. I am currently finishing my private pilot license and hope to have it finished by December. I have been advised to go ahead and start contacting bases and units to get information on meet and greets or any type of visit to show interest. However, I am worried about contacting bases prior to being finished and not being ready to apply because it seems like contacting them asking about hiring boards and meet and greets would be jumping the gun prior to finishing my license. Or is it a good idea to go ahead and contact bases and try to make some contacts to see when their hiring boards are and to show interest in flying for the unit?
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