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  1. It was with the Okies. Like I said it was my first time at a meet and greet so I didn't really know what to expect. It went well though, myself along with other interviewees met at the visitor center outside the base in the morning and were escorted on. The majority of the day we spent at the squadron meeting pilots and anyone else around, introducing ourselves and talking about our interests in the Unit, etc. It was very laid back but got to hear some about the history of the squadron, the mission, the airframe, and got to tour around. All in all a great experience to get to meet a unit you are interested in and let them get to know you before the possibility of an interview.
  2. Well my first meet and greet is this weekend. Any advice form anyone or things to expect that you didn’t? I know that’s vague but just want to see if anyone has any insight or tips. Thanks!
  3. I appreciate the advice! Thanks for all the help
  4. This may seem like an odd question. But my first visit to a base for a meet and greet is next month. What should you wear and bring? I was told to reach back a week before for details but just trying to get an earlier heads up. Thanks
  5. November 7th was when they asked me to come, I know there is also one December 5th
  6. Is anyone going to visit Tinker AFB for the 465th ARS in November?
  7. Has anyone heard anything from Rickenbacker? Last I heard was a few months ago
  8. Anyone getting responses from the HIANG yet?
  9. I’m in the same boat. They said it could be a week or two into July before we hear back but starting to get the feeling no news could be bad news
  10. Would you mind sending the POC info for the 301st HH-60 to me as well? I would like to get some information and possibly visit the unit. Thanks for your help
  11. I have not heard anything back or been able to reach anyone either.
  12. Same here, but onto the next! Good luck to those moving forward
  13. If you don’t mind me asking. What unit are you in and do you have any advice? I’ve only recently started applying to units and the 135 is currently my top choice but all of a sudden after hearing how many people are applying I wonder if it’s realistic
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