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  1. My Initial Flight Physical expires before I go to IFT, do I need to get a new one before going to IFT or should my initial one be fine?
  2. I’m active and IFT is a TDY from my current station. I’ll get back from IFT and PCS to Pensacola a few months later. I’ll do some digging around and let you guys know what I find.
  3. Flight suits. I have a buddy who’s a CSO and said they were issued to him at Pensacola before going to IFT but since I’m not going to Pensacola before IFT will I have to pay for them? That’s a lot of money I’d prefer not spending if there’s a way to get them issued to me haha.
  4. Got my RIP today or IFT from my formal training rep. 17 March-12 April. I got a second RIP for my aerospace physical at Peterson for 12 March-16 March. I was under the impression those physicals were done at Wright-Pat. Is it normal for the flight physical to be at Peterson and for the physical to bump right up to the actual training dates?
  5. And CSO selects get anything for IFT yet? I have a pending assignment and TDY from my current AFSC so I’ve been working on getting those cancelled.
  6. I was originally an ABM select but was bumped up to CSO (my #1). When I sent my declination email for ABM I put in there that I would accept a CSO slot if one opened up.
  7. Found out I was a select for ABM, not quite sure how to feel. I really was only going for CSO. Wondering if I can decline and hop on the alternate last for CSO? Not sure how it will work. Anyone have more insight?
  8. I’m medically qualified for Pilot but I’m going for CSO, PCSM is 38. CSO score was a 90 though. We’ll see what happens.
  9. Curious if anyone is running into the same issue and if they have any work around. When completing the 215 step by step via the PDSM (downloading pre-filled from myPers, adding text boxes for comments and signature fields, etc.) I run into the problem when I sign it to route up to my Sq/CC it won’t let him edit the PDF to edit the comments I drafted for him since I signed it. The PDSM specifically states to not fill out a blank 215 from e-pubs but with that one, I don’t run into the issue. Next to having my Wg/CC sign it first after his edits then my Sq/CC then me, I’m not sure how to work around it. Anyone having the same problem/have solutions?
  10. What the selection numbers look like for boards like this? I haven’t done much research to be honest. Has it been high the last couple of years, low, does it vary year to year, etc..?
  11. Question about medical: sort for the length and confusion but I’m extremely confused about what forms and paperwork I need to submit to get my physical started. I went into my IMR and requested a flight physical. What are the documents I need to submit to the email they gave me? I’m waiting on access the the PEPP site( I’m guessing some of the forms I need are in here?). It says submit CC/FM approval letter(not sure what this is), AFPC email(my career field assignments officer’s email??), and AMS listing (not sure what this is either)as well as verbiage required on the AF422 (I know what the form is but do I have to go into flight medicine to get a 422 and fill it out?) and any other required docs (vauge but anything else I’ll need to turn in?) Thanks for any any help in advance.
  12. I see you’re weather. I’m working nights at the 26th OWS at Barksdale! Looking at applying for CSO. Question though, I haven’t gotten my flight physical yet. Do you think an Aug 12 cutoff isn’t enough time to get my physical done?
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