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  1. I asked if they could remove it and they said they couldn't for legal reasons even though everything was technically out of my control. I am hoping that replacing grades will be enough to cover my tracks. I have not failed a FAA written or practical test, so in my opinion those letter grades are technically not a reflection of my performance, but I guess that is not for me to decide.
  2. Hey guys, I have just one issue concerning my transcripts. I have taken flight courses at my college to get my PPL and now working on my other ratings, but due to crazy weather and aircraft maintenance (The 141 program required that you did not have more than 7-8 days between training sessions, or you had to repeat the previous session), I had to get extensions for 2 semesters of the last section of private flight (Yes, I do now regret that I did not complete this on my own outside of the university.). I now have 2 F's on my transcript for (Private Flight II), but they do not affect my GPA because I got the grades supplemented when I completed my PPL and received an A for the course. I have a GPA of 3.1 currently but am worried that the PPL courses will look bad when applying. I have asked my old chief flight instructor (retired Air Force) if he could write a letter explaining why I had to retake the course twice to include in my packet. Is there anything else that I could do to help justify my case here.
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