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  1. I appreciate the responses. Thank you! I'll revisit the thread occasionally to see if there are any other ideas, but it sounds like I should focus my efforts on the civilian side. It's disappointing, as I really enjoy the technology, tactics, and skillsets you fighter guys get to employ, but I do consider myself lucky to get to fly at all. Thanks again.
  2. To make a long story short, I'm partially blind in one eye. I have a blind spot in my central vision that leaves me with normal peripheral vision, but no foveal acuity. It's a stable condition, but can't be fixed. Let's call that eye 20/400 and completely uncorrectable. I'm 20/25 or so in the other eye, easily correctable to 20/20. I'm having a hard time finding this definitively, but from what I can gather, I simply won't be able to fly jets for the military. Am I correct that a waiver or exception for 20/400 is simply not a possibility, despite being correctable to 20/20 in the other eye? For what it's worth, my vision hasn't held me back at all as far as flying goes. I'm a civilian helicopter pilot and instructor (1500 heli hours), a regional airline first officer (1000 airplane hours), and an avid skydiver. No accidents/incidents. Ten FAA checkrides, no failures. I'm prior enlisted military (4 years AD Army, 2 years Army NG). I'd like to fly fighters in one of the Guard or Reserve components. Thanks to anyone that takes the time to read/reply.
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