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  1. I emailed the POC, haven’t heard anything back yet. I will keep y’all updated.
  2. Their post was updated. Board postponed until June I believe.
  3. To piggyback on that, I have met 2 pilots who told me they interviewed EIGHT times before getting hired. Just don't stop till you get there.
  4. There’s the glimmer of hope I was looking for
  5. Has anyone received any more info about Oregon’s interviews? Sitting in limbo here!
  6. I’ve heard nothing, neither has a friend of mine who also applied.
  7. They selected 3 for Portland and 2 for Kingsley last year. They said they’re hiring 4 this year.
  8. Ha, yes I see the PDF but don't see a list of what they want included in the packet on the PDF, only the eligibility requirements. I suppose we could just read between the lines and include the info in the eligibility reqs, but usually it's more clear-cut than that.
  9. Am I blind or is there no description of what they want included in the application packet?
  10. Interview selections from Vermont will be sent out May 10th, on their application information page. Not sure about the other two.
  11. Meet and greet info is on their application info page. Invites weren't given.
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