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  1. Alright friends. Just want to know, who applied for the NJ Air National Guard 177th Fighter Wing? Application deadline was Apr 15. http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=5cb526cee4b01977b19685fb
  2. @EvilEagle Let's say @Nova1976 knocked the AFOQT out of the park - 99's across the board. Would a 3.3 GPA be seen as a weakness? Because that's the boat I'm in, except I don't have any baseball skills to boot 😉
  3. I'd also like to ask the question here related to GPA- All ANG fighter pilots I've come across (on linkedin profile, elsewhere, sample resumes, etc.) have ~3.5 GPA or higher. In fact, I spoke to a recruiter of an upcoming board who told me point blank that they don't hire and have never hired someone off-the-street for a commissioned officer position (let alone a pilot) who doesn't have a >3.6. I know applying for ANG Fighters as a civilian is pretty much the most competitive thing anyone can do, but did anyone here go from civ-to-fighters with a GPA below 3.5? Or perhaps know someone who did? I'd like to hear more about how they whole-person-concept-ed their way into a spot.
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